The process of setting up a new website:

If you are interested in creating a new website, or even if you have a website but you’d like to make some changes, the process is the same:

Step 1

Contact me by phone, email or on social media, and we can chat about what you need at a high level. If I can help, then I will arrange to meet you for a free, no obligation discussion about your detailed requirements. I am happy to hold this meeting meet face to face, over the phone or via Skype.

Step 2

When we meet, I will work with you to understand what you want from your new website. To do this I will ask a number of questions that will help both of us to plan the nature and objectives of the new or updated site, for example:

  • who is your audience?
  • what is the overall aim of the site?
  • how you want your audience to engage with your new site?
  • how much content do you have?
  • what graphics and images you would like to share?
  • what existing websites you like or dislike?
  • will the site be static or evolve over time?
  • etc.
Step 3

After our meeting, I will pull together a proposal and quote for the work, which I will ask you to review to ensure I have fully understood your needs and requirements. From there you can decide if you want to move ahead with the project – and if you do, we can plan our next meeting to clarify the project in more detail and start work to create your new site!

Unlike most website developers, I have several years’ experience of business writing and content management (read more here). This means that I often help them to identify how they want their business to be seen by their online customer base – from deciding the best color palette to use, to ensuring the overall ethos of their (often brand new) business is accurately represented by their website.

As part of this, I can work with you to determine your online marketing approach, making sure your website does an excellent job of reflecting your business to your online customers. I will help you develop the correct tone of your content so that your customers see your site as an attractive, helpful and engaging resource.

I can review any existing content you provide, checking it makes sense and is grammatically accurate – not just simply copying and pasting it onto your site. Finally, I will use my experience to advise you on the best layout and page structure to make your site easy to use and intuitive for your site visitors.

I’m usually asked about:

How much will it cost?

Prices vary based on your requirements but will be linked to:

  • the size of website that you require
  • the type of functionality you would like on the site
  • how much you want to get involved with the build process

However, prices start at a minimum of £500. Please contact me for more information or for a free, no obligation meeting or phone call to discuss your requirements.

Can I make changes to the site once it's finished?

I provide full training at the end of the website project as well as adminsitrator access to the website so that you can manage the site yourself. If you prefer me to remain involved, that’s fine too!

What if I need help after my new site is launched?

I provide ongoing support as required to help you maintain, add to, or even remove content – ensuring your site is up to date at all times. If you want to remain involved in the administration of the site, we can work together in a way that suits you. I will discuss ongoing support during the project development.

Ongoing support will be charged at an hourly rate based on the type of work required and ranges from £35 – £45.

Do I need to provide photos or graphics?

The best websites have great graphics! I encourage all my clients to obtain professional or high quality images for their website. I can help you source good value graphics, or we can discuss the best approach for taking relevant photos of your business as applicable.

What about SEO (search engine optimisation)?

I will set up your site so that it is SEO friendly. I can advise you on SEO as your site is launched and the best way to attract online visitors and increase site traffic. If you want to invest in an ongoing SEO package, I can help you determine the best way to approach this and whether you need to involve an expert to improve your search engine rankings.

I need some specific functionality - can you help?

Yes! Please just ask – most functionality is possible on a CMS site (e.g. using WordPress). Some examples of functionality that I have implemented for previous clients include:

  • various onsite maps
  • expandable/collapsible FAQ areas
  • property or holiday search engines
  • online PDF ‘flipping books’
  • newsletter subscriptions
  • wide range of ecommerce solutions
  • booking/events calendars
  • fully translated site (using a different alphabet)

How long does it take?

The period of time needed to complete a new site can vary and depends on a number of things including your availability to review/sign off on completed areas of the site.  For small sites, the minimum is 5 weeks from initial contact to published site. If you need a website quicker than this, please contact me to discuss.

I need to make changes on an existing website - can you help?

I have several clients who already had a site set up when they contacted me for more help.  Examples of sites that were already established when I started working on them are:

I would like to set up my own site - will you host it for me?

Absolutely – I will be happy to host your site while you work on it. I host the following site which is fully administered without my involvement:

By hosting your website for you I can help with any server-side issues, set up email accounts and ensure the site is backed up and secure.

Didn’t find the answer?

I would be happy to answer any question you might have or meet to discuss your requirements. My contact details are on my Contact page, or use the form below. I’ll get back to you asap.

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